The Jordanian Italian
Forum for Cooperation

Building Bridges for Success

What we do

We offer a range of services related to the Italian and Jordanian markets, across both public and private sectors, including information on protocols and agreements, tourism, culture, education, and the economy. 

We assist Italian and/or Jordanian companies seeking to expand their business and establish partnerships, providing support and guidance throughout the process. 

Additionally, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between companies, helping members participate in trade fairs and exhibitions organized in Jordan and Italy. 

Furthermore, we provide Italian Jordanian networking opportunities through participation in official events, and offer powerful advocacy through a variety of benefits and services.

This is a unique opportunity to join an exclusive group of member companies in different economic sectors. JIFCO expertise will guide and support your company through the process of setting up partnerships or business and assisting you where needed in locating the right partner.
Shermine Dajani, President

What is the Jordanian Italian Forum for Cooperation?

The Jordanian Italian Forum for Cooperation (JIFCO) was established in 2016 as an initiative to enhance the economic, social, and cultural relations between Jordan and Italy. 
This platform serves as a hub for both countries to share ideas and expertise, with the goal of fostering new opportunities for collaboration. JIFCO acts as a bridge between the private sectors of the two nations, providing an environment that promotes business development.
Through JIFCO, Italy and Jordan are able to exchange insights and experiences in areas such as trade, investment, HORECA, and technology.



Years Active

964 M

Italian Export July 2023


Board Members

Board members are professionals that are appointed by members to represent their interests and supervise management. They usually meet at regular intervals.


A Look at Jordan’s Development Cooperation with Italy and Its Initiatives

The Public Sector plays a critical role in fostering better relations between Jordan and Italy. This could be done through increased collaboration, exchange of ideas and strategies, as well as providing support for economic and cultural initiatives. Such efforts will consequently result in constructive ties between the two nations.

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